Vegamour’s GRO hair serum has increased sales during the pandemic

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Hair loss is common in your everyday life, but if you feel like you’re losing more than normal, you’re not alone. A recent study found that one in five women have experienced increased hair loss or thinning since the onset of COVID-19, and according to a New York Times articledoctors are seeing an increase in the number of patients suffering from hair loss, which they believe is linked to the pandemic.

So why are we telling you all this? First, because there is nothing to be ashamed of. And two, because there are tons of hair products out there designed to help you get your luscious locks back. In fact, one company saw a massive increase in monthly sales of its favorite hair growth serum this year. Sales of Vegamour GRO Hair Serum have increased by 500% since March. And in just one month, the brand sold more than 52,000 bottlesmore than one per minute.

Dan Hodgdon, founder of Vegamour, believes that the continued stress brought on by the uncertainty of these difficult times is causing people’s cortisol levels to rise rapidly. And in turn, people are looking for ways to revive their hair. “This stress enzyme causes inflammation, which can lead to excessive hair loss and weight gain,” he said. In the style. “Our GRO hair serum and Lovestruck Biotin Candy work together to help reduce inflammation by stimulating microcirculation in the scalp while providing your hair with the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive and stay healthy.”

His vegan formula is packed with plant-based protein such as curcumin and nicotiana benthamiana which help to lengthen hair and increase the density of its roots, as well as other natural ingredients such as mung bean and red clover which in clinical studies have been shown to inhibited the production of DHT – a testosterone derivative that causes hair to fall out faster. The serum stimulates hair follicles without harsh chemicals like toxins or hormones, so it’s safe for daily use.

Simply fill the dropper and massage the product into your scalp once a day for best results. The serum is a leave-in product, so you can style your hair as you normally would if using it in the morning. Although results vary for everyone, those who have tested Vegamour Hair Serum have been impressed. The brand says you will see visible results within 90 daysbut many customers noticed changes in just two months.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but after two months I have so much new hair growing my hair looks so much healthier and fuller,” one wrote. ‘them. “I have already recommended it to many friends.”

Another reviewer said, “I have been using the hair growth serum for two months now and my hair has grown five inches! Normally it grows very slowly so this is a top notch product!”

The hair serum sells for $48 a bottle, or you can have it delivered to your door every month and save 17%. You can also buy Vegamour hair serum in bulk – a set of three is $128, saving you $16. This year has been stressful, to say the least. If you are someone who is suffering from hair loss or thinning due to the stress of the pandemic, Vegamour’s GRO hair serum could be the solution you were looking for. Given its recent surge in sales, it’s definitely a product to keep on your radar.

Melissa R. Brumfield