Using hairspray to create fake freckles is now a beauty trend on TikTok

Once decried, even mocked, freckles have now become a beauty attribute in their own right – so much so that products and techniques intended to create fake ones have emerged.

TikTok users have of course seized on the trend, in turn offering unexpected, even completely crazy tricks to bring out the best in these little spots that now seem to be all the rage.

TikTokers seem to have mellowed in recent weeks, advocating a more natural approach to beauty without filters or frills. But that was obviously an illusion.

It only took a few days for beauty enthusiasts on the social network to offer new tips and improbable makeup techniques.

The latest is using hairspray to recreate tiny freckles, the latest fad among users of the Chinese social network. And yet this seemingly dubious trick already has a crowd of followers around the world.

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The freckle craze has been at its peak for several months now. Long mocked, these tiny brown spots are now all the rage.

While once a complex for some, freckled faces can now enjoy showing off their spots in the most natural way.

Others, meanwhile, are willing to use every trick in the book to mimic those tiny dark spots. From pencil to liner through patches and even tattoos, everything is allowed.

Some even applied cocoa powder to their faces to create the illusion of freckles, or, more dangerously, embarked on at-home tattoo sessions.

A magic hairspray

But this time, it was a completely unexpected trick that users of the Chinese social network turned to, with varying degrees of success.

Here, a hairspray is in the spotlight, and more precisely the Magic Retouch instant concealer spray from L’Oréal Paris, initially intended to mask white hair.

Influencer Sydney Purl was among the first to use the product to create fake freckles, admittedly with a rather seductive result. This obviously pleased the (very) many people who watched the video, which to date has nearly two million views.

The snowball effect followed, as is often the case on the social network, with the rapid multiplication of videos featuring the said spray now used to form dozens and dozens of freckles on the forehead, cheekbones and nose.

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This is a trick that is not to be taken lightly, however, since it involves diverting the intended use of a hairspray and applying it to the face. Something that is absolutely not recommended.

Nevertheless, TikTok users are having a great time trying it out, so much so that the #fakefreckles hashtag now has over 200 million views.

And if most TikTokers seem convinced by this little trick, a handful of them already regret having tried it.

This trick requires skill and dexterity, and it is clear that we are not all equally good at reproducing makeup techniques.

As a result, the hack failed the test for some users who tried it, ending up with big blackheads on their face instead of a nice scattering of fake freckles. – AFP Relax News

Melissa R. Brumfield