This rice water hair treatment is my secret weapon against frizz

  • Briogeo recently launched its Don’t Despair, Repair Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening treatment mask.

  • The product promises to strengthen the hair and protect it from future damage.

  • An editor tested the treatment mask and was impressed with the results.

A few months ago I felt like I couldn’t scroll through TikTok without seeing someone using a rice water mixture on their hair. Tons of people have claimed that the ingredient can cure your hair of all its ailments, which I desperately needed and wanted to try as soon as possible. A cure for my brittle hair and loss? Sign me up.

However, when I discovered that the process of making rice water did not take minutes, not hours, but days, I decided to keep scrolling. Although I’m up for almost any TikTok beauty hack, my patience is thin and my time is short, and I just didn’t have the strength to see if this hack would work for me. So imagine how excited I was when I learned that Briogeo was releasing a new product that was basically bottled rice water – only better. Presentation: Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Fix Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment ($42).

Briogeo’s new mask is an intensive weekly treatment for dry or damaged hair (regardless of your type or texture) and is safe for color-treated, chemically-treated, keratin-treated and relaxed hair. It is made with an exclusive rice protein complex, which strengthens the hair cuticle and protects it from future damage, and rosehip oil, which helps minimize frizz and split ends. It’s also made without sulfates, silicones, parabens, and phthalates and is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Plus, the packaging is recyclable, which is always a plus.

Over the past few months I have noticed that my hair has become quite knotty. I don’t know if it’s because I’m late for a haircut, or if the products I was using no longer work, but every time I run my fingers through my hair it always gets caught on something . Also, my hair is dry, damaged and in need of a little TLC overall, so I’m always on the lookout for products that can not only repair past damage, but also prevent future problems.

Briogeo's New Don't Despair Repair Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment

When I first used this product, I started by washing and rinsing my hair twice, which I usually do every time I wash my hair. I then squeezed the excess water out of my hair and applied three pumps of this product to my hair. The formula comes out of a dual chamber bottle and the product smells great without being overwhelming. The instructions say to leave it on for at least 10 minutes (you can even sleep in it), so I left it on for about 15 minutes while I finished the rest of my shower routine. I then rinsed it out, conditionered and rinsed my hair again, then jumped out of the shower.

In an effort to test the effectiveness of the formula, I opted to forgo my typical hair oils and leave-in conditioners, so I could see what the product would do for my texture. The one hair product I didn’t forget was my heat protectant, which I piled on before blow-drying.

After my hair was completely dry, the first thing I noticed was that although it wasn’t completely frizz-free, it was much smoother than normal. It also looked super shiny and soft to the touch. The most shocking part was that even though I went to bed with straight (but not quite silky) hair, when I woke up it looked like it had never been hit by a tool hot – like never before. After using the treatment several times, I definitely noticed that my hair continued to feel even softer a day after using it. (Personal note: Find out if this product has magical overnight healing properties.)

Briogeo's Don't Despair, Repair Rice Water Protein + Moisture Strengthening Treatment

I have used this product three times in total, and each time my hair is getting better and better. The best part? I have no knots in sight. I can run my fingers through my hair or brush it without fear of being caught in grunts. I was also able to let my hair air dry, and the waves in my hair felt much more manageable and much less frizzy.

However, keep in mind: this product is a a protein treatment, not a moisturizing mask. Although the results included extra hydration, I didn’t think my hair felt as conditioned as other hair masks I’ve tried (and that’s not the point). My hair didn’t feel dry in any way, but the main difference I noticed in my hair was how it helped tame my texture and how it helped eliminate frizz. For best results, Briogeo recommends pairing this product with their Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning mask, but I think you can pair it with any conditioning mask you already have on hand. I paired it with a hair mask and noticed the best results when I used both products together.

The bottom line? I will continue to use this mask on a weekly basis to help strengthen and repair my hair. Hopefully with continued use I will start to see even more improvements. If you are looking to add some life to your wavy or curly texture, this is worth a try. It worked wonders on my frizzy hair and completely eliminated the issues I had with tangles. If you’re curious about adding rice water protein to your hair routine, this is definitely the product for you.


Melissa R. Brumfield