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If you suffer from frizzy hair, especially in the warmer months, we have found a solution.

No, we cannot speed up the UAE winter, but we can help limit the effects of humidity.

Enter the KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment – ​​available at Pastels Salon in Dubai – which is the magic bullet to straighten your hair even on the wettest days.

I, myself, have particularly difficult thick and frizzy hair. Just straightening it myself is a task in itself and when I step outside, even for just five minutes, I can say goodbye to my straight hair, but undergoing this revolutionary KeraStraight treatment solved that problem.

At the perfect time, Pastels is offering 15% off the KS Ultimate Treatment throughout August.

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What is the course of treatment?

The KeraStraight treatment gives you lasting results, but getting there is no quick trip to the hairdresser, especially if you have a lot hair. For me, I was in the salon for about four hours in total, but the results were worth it.

First, you will undergo a rigorous, twice-shampooing with the pre-treatment cleanser. This will ensure that your hair is totally clean and free of any remaining product that the KS Ultimate treatment may pick up on the hair. The ultimate treatment is then applied, which may take some time depending on how much hair you have. You will then leave the treatment to soak in for about 30-45 minutes to ensure it works best on the hair.

The treatment is then rinsed out and the hair is blow dried, then the hair is ironed from roots to ends in very small pieces. To completely lock in the treatment, the hair is then straightened into larger sections.

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What are the results ?

You will end up with smooth and smooth hair, also with incredible shine from root to tip. Not only that, the treatment encourages the repair of damaged hair as the KeraStraight KS Ultimate is free from harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and instead encourages the rebuilding of keratin in the hair.

Moreover, it will save your time and hassle when washing your hair at home. Not only will it dry faster after your treatment, but it will also leave it straighter and less frizzy. It should be noted that you should not wash your hair after the appointment within 48 hours to allow the ultimate treatment to penetrate. Also, if you color your hair, the treatment can potentially strip the color leaving it slightly brassy, ​​however, I noticed this was very minimal.

The results won out, especially since it gave me an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning!

KeraStraight KS Ultimate treatment prices start from 1000 Dhs, depending on hair length. For more information and to book the treatment, visit the Website of the Salon des Pastels.

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