This hair serum uses Dead Sea minerals to promote shine and hydration

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We won’t hesitate to ask if you’re looking for the perfect hair product that adds shine and minimizes frizz, because, well, aren’t we all? Instead, we’ll ask: when was the last time you used minerals from the sea to achieve tree perfection? If the answer is never, consider this your introduction to a new way of life, at least for your hair.

Minerals of Eden’s Dead Sea Mineral Shine Serum is enriched with powerful Dead Sea nutrients to protect hair and give it major shine. While the Dead Sea is notorious for being so salty that no plant or animal can survive in its waters, it’s a hotspot for rich minerals – and 26 of them are packed into this ultra-luxurious serum. Let’s just say your hair has never been pampered like this before.

Holding just over 1.6 fluid ounces of serum, the bottle may seem small, but it packs a punch. With a high concentration of conditioning minerals, including antioxidant-rich macadamia oil and replenishing phosphorus, even the smallest amount expertly hydrates and smoothes strands of all types. A small drop is able to penetrate the hair cuticle, helping to balance natural hair and scalp oils for perfect shine that won’t weigh hair down. And according to buyers, it totally delivers.

“I’m in love with this Minerals of Eden shine serum!” one reviewer wrote on the brand’s website. “It adapts perfectly to my hair. It’s super light and smells great while controlling my frizz. [It also] makes it shiny, soft and hydrated. I’m super happy with it.”

It should also be mentioned that unlike many other leave-in hair products intended for use exclusively on wet hair, the serum is formulated for dry hair and should be applied after styling. This is good news for buyers looking to control flyaways, split ends and dull hair not just on wash days, but all day of the week. Order your Dead Sea Mineral Glow Serum now at AHAlife.

Melissa R. Brumfield