This $9 Hair Serum Will Tame All Your Unruly Frizz

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects+ Serum**

Fun fact about me: I won my high school hair superlative…twice. I absolutely did not deserve to win – or even to be considered for the honor (if you want to call it that). In grades 10 and 12, when superlative voting was due to take place, my “friends” would stand up in the middle of the class and remind our peers of the infamous untamed, dry, frizzy, tangled forest of curls I had just sported. a few years earlier in college. It didn’t matter to voters that the monstrosity on top of my head, which people often inserted pencils into without my knowledge, had long since been replaced by a fashionable #2 cup. This led to an interesting juxtaposition in the photos of superlatives from the yearbook when I posed awkwardly next to the prettiest girls in school, each of them with long, flowing hair.

I didn’t regain curls until my early twenties, and it took me until my mid-twenties to invest in regular haircut appointments (thanks to my chris barber and its monthly subscription), as well as my one and only hair product: the John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum.

I’ve tried a number of pastes and gels, but most of these products aren’t made for my hair, which requires more than one kind of moisturizer. To be fair, I’m not entirely sure that the John Frieda Serum actively improves the health of my hair, but it certainly helps project that look, which is not for nothing if you’re Team Style over Substance. A few pumps of serum, warmed in my hands and worked from the tips of my curls, leaves them bouncy, soft and frizz-free, but not so shiny that you can see your reflection when you look at me. My loops are made to cooperate and also have the freedom to diversify, within reason. With the exception of the more humid summer months, when I occasionally do a second dab before a night out, the serum lasts all day. It doesn’t smell much, so it won’t offset the smell of your shampoo or conditioner. And when I say low cost, I mean $9 at almost any drugstore, which is exactly how much I’m willing to invest in hair products on a monthly basis.

Yes, there are other hair serums. They are more sophisticated, with unpronounceable ingredients meant to be representative of higher quality. Bullshit, I say. This bottle is a perfect low-cost, low-commitment option for anyone (me) who doesn’t want to spend more than a handful of seconds running fingers through their hair after showering. If I had used it during my teenage years – and maybe had my hair cut once in a blue moon – I could very well have avoided the eternal embarrassment of two truly unworthy superlative photos.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects+ Serum

Melissa R. Brumfield