Struggling with frizzy hair? Here is an unconventional shampoo

Whether it’s the time we spend on the couch or the time we spend watching our favorite show, we pay attention to everything but our hair. When we do, we try simple remedies, DIY masks, hair oils among others to rejuvenate our scalp, make it healthier. They work to some extent, but not entirely, to reduce current anxiety.

While our mane is still struggling with the monsoon and the side effects of the monsoon i.e. humidity, the Raksha Bandhan celebrations are fast approaching. And it goes without saying that everyone wants to look their best during this important and auspicious festival.

If your hair ruins your whole look? Don’t let frizz ruin your look. Then I experimented with a new, unconventional hair care routine that can actually help your frizz.

Here is a step-by-step routine:

– Start by washing your hair and towel drying it until damp.

– Put your hair upside down and pour diluted shampoo all over your scalp and massage well.

– Wash excess shampoo from your hair and towel dry it.

– Take a huge dollop of conditioner and apply it all over your hair.

– Use a shower cap and leave for a good 10 minutes.

– Now take your hair serum and apply it on the conditioned hair and place the hair mask again.

– After your hair has rested a bit longer, remove the shower cap and wash your hair thoroughly.

Be sure to use your fingertips, wash thoroughly, and air dry. It looks a little messy, but using all the products at once helped my otherwise indomitable mane.

Melissa R. Brumfield