Shoppers say this fortifying hair treatment is “magic in the bottle”

When you think of a solid hair care routine, what comes to mind? Perhaps a combination of shampoo and conditioner tailored to your specific hair type, or even a serum to add after washing. However, beloved French haircare brand Rene Furterer makes a fortifying hair product designed to be added before washing, and even career hairstylists claim “nothing comes close” to its results.

Stimulating Botanical Concentrate Complex 5 Rene Furterer is a pre-shampoo treatment, created to be the first cleansing and purifying step in your hair care routine. The concentrate focuses on the scalp, treating dryness with a hydrating dose of orange and lavender essential oils. The formula also includes soybean oil, vitamin E, marjoram leaf oil, oregano leaf oil and two types of castor seed oil, which work together to provide an impressive amount of hydration and smoothing to the scalp and hair. The luxurious elixir is delivered to the scalp and roots via an exclusive, targeted scalp massage tip, designed to help increase circulation and better prepare your hair for shampoo, conditioner and other products that follow. Think of it as a pre-shampoo detox for your scalp and hair — and smells great, too.

While Complex 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate may seem like the ultimate home spa experience, according to buyers, it also has major benefits that work wonders on hair.

“Deep cleansing. Exfoliating. [It’s a] first stimulating natural step towards a healthy, happy and clean scalp! Love, love, love everything about Complex 5,” one professional stylist wrote. “To date, nothing comes close (I’ve tried them all). [After] Over 40 years as a hairstylist, I can recommend this product to almost anyone.”

“I LOVE this product,” says another fan of the formula who called it “a spa-quality hair loss aid.” “Not only can I feel this product stimulating my scalp, but I can’t get enough of the smell of the real ingredients – like the ones from a garden. Seriously! It’s a treat for your scalp and your hair. sense.”

In addition to hydration, strengthening and increased hair growth, some buyers reveal that Complex 5 even helped heal stubborn scalp and hair issues.

“I had eczema issues for years, especially on the top of my scalp,” one reviewer wrote. “My dermatologist gave me steroid creams and was told stress was the cause… This was my last attempt. I tried the scalp treatment and volume shampoo and conditioner by René Furterer. My scalp cleared up 95% after the first use, it is now completely healed, and I am so excited to have found a solution.”

Ultimately, over a hundred five-star reviewers agree that Complex 5 is, as one reviewer put it, “magic in a bottle.” If you’re looking for a major upgrade to your haircare routine, check out Rene Furterer’s beloved Complex 5 Stimulating Botanical Concentrate before your next shampoo.

Melissa R. Brumfield