Shoppers Say $10 Elizavecca Collagen Hair Serum Dupe Olaplex

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“I can’t believe my ends feel silky smooth and frizz free for four days, even on my neck,” wrote a five star reviewer. “I just use a little on towel-dried wet hair at the ends. Then, after air-drying, I straighten my hair on low, and five days later my hair looks and smells great. Olaplex didn’t even work half the time as this product, especially on over-processed hair.”

Elizavecca’s serum is not a bond repairer like Olaplex, but rather a protein treatment, which can be especially beneficial for hair damaged by heat styling or bleach. Its key ingredients are keratin (the protein that makes up hair strands) and pork collagen, a gelatin-like ingredient derived from pork – so, no, the product is not vegan. This ingredient isn’t entirely unusual for FWIW, as many forms of collagen found in hair and skincare products — including Jennifer Aniston’s favorite powdered supplement — are sourced from animals. Although there isn’t a ton of clinical evidence surrounding the benefits of collagen for hair health, many people (including Khloe Kardashian) have found it to be a useful ingredient to help with hair loss. hair loss.

For those who need even more hydration, the brand offers a deep conditioning mask in the same line, Elizavecca CER-100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment (Buy it, $8,, which has over 8,600 five-star reviews, and many call it “better than Olaplex“Since this mask is meant to be washed off, it can be used in conjunction with the serum. If you want to make your hair stronger, softer, and frizz-free, this budget-friendly serum might just be the the Holy Grail” product you were looking for.

Melissa R. Brumfield