serum: Hair serum vs oil: Which is better for you?

Hair oil and serum are two hair care products with different beneficial effects. Hair oil is a traditional hair care product and is still in the news for its multiple benefits. The serum is relatively new on the market – an effective hair protection product. But which one does your hair need more of the two? To choose the right product, you need to know how these two benefits benefit your hair. SkinKraft Labs R&D Manager Dr. Kaustav Guha shares his thoughts on which is best.

Hair serum:

Hair serum is effective in keeping your hair healthy by providing a protective layer on the hair strands. Applying hair serum is a simple yet effective approach to protecting your hair from environmental factors such as hot air, pollutants, heat, etc. It also provides hydration that helps control frizz. The hair serum makes your hair shiny and improves the overall health of your hair.

Several serums are available in the market, designed to be chosen according to your hair care needs. You need to find the right product for you that can meet your needs for damage repair, shine, smoothing or tangle prevention. Here are the main benefits of the serum:

Nourishes dry hair

Repairs damaged hair

Adds shine

Fights frizz

Protects hair from environmental factors

Effective to use as a heat protectant before styling

Smoothes split ends

Useful as a detangler

hair oil

This is the traditional hair care practice that South Asians inherit from their ancestors. Hair oil nourishes your scalp and hair with beneficial fatty acids, lubricates your hair strands and ensures overall health. Hair oil nutrients penetrate deep into the cuticles, nourishing individual strands and preventing them from breaking. Several hair oils are used to provide different benefits to your hair, such as:

Coconut Oil – Helps repair damage and strengthen hair

Olive oil – Improves texture and growth

Argan Oil – Makes hair smooth and shiny

Jojoba Oil – Repairs dull and damaged hair

Avocado Oil – Stops split ends and breakage

Almond Oil – Helps defend dandruff and improves overall health

Besides these specialized benefits, almost all hair oil massages provide good effects on the overall health of your hair, such as:

Nourishes your hair from root to tip

Improves scalp conditions

Moisturizes the hair

Stimulates hair growth

Prevents split ends

Improves blood circulation

Keeps hair healthy and shiny

Helps reduce dandruff and treats dry scalp

Hair oil or hair serum – which one wins?

When looking for overall improvement and long-term solutions to your hair problems, it is wise to opt for the exact hair oil to meet your needs. A regular hair oil routine can revitalize and nourish your hair while improving its health. The only downside to oil is that you have to follow a regular shampoo routine to remove excess oil and dirt at regular intervals.

On the other hand, serums are a styling agent. They can provide you with an immediate solution to problems such as frizzy and tangled hair, split ends and flyaways. If you plan to apply styling tools or chemicals, serums are the perfect protectors. Besides instant benefits, serums also provide long-term benefits. Regular application of an appropriate serum for your hair can help repair damaged hair, an onion extract serum can improve hair growth, etc. Since serums are meant to be used as styling agents, they also don’t make your hair greasy.

If you find that your current hair care regimen isn’t enough for you, it’s time to revise it. Maybe your hair needs extra care and care. You can use either or both products for nourished hair. You can opt for a deep nourishing and conditioning session by oiling at least once a week and applying the serum after washing your hair to protect your hair.

Melissa R. Brumfield