Regular hair serum is the affordable solution for hair growth

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If you’re a fine-haired person who dreams of thicker, fuller locks, The Ordinary Hair Growth Serum was created with you in mind. Many TikTok users and beauty influencers have all said that it lives up to its promises after testing it for months. Taylor Rose (also known as @thehealthyhygge on TikTok with over 700,000 followers) posted a video about their experience using the serum for two and a half months. Rose prefaces the video by saying, “it works really, really well,” and goes on to show before and after their hairline, which is definitely fuller these days. (Related: These hair growth treatments are all over TikTok — are they worth trying?)

Rose’s testimonial is just one of many on the app. another user, @Sarah_Scottyhas racked up over a million views on their video featuring The Ordinary hair serum and said her hair was “the thickest and healthiest in a while”.

“This formulation contains various peptide complexes and incorporates several different technologies,” explains Marisa Garshick, MDa board-certified dermatologist MDCS Dermatology. “Peptides are shorter chains of amino acids that strengthen scalp hair. Since peptides stimulate collagen production, this can improve overall hair health, including strength and thickness, because collagen helps support the hair follicle and natural hair proteins, and when applied topically, peptides can also help hydrate the scalp and hair, making it healthier.

Other ingredients in The Ordinary hair serum formula include caffeine and castor oil. Castor oil helps promote healthier, stronger hair because it uses ricinoleic acid, a type of fatty acid, to stimulate circulation to the scalp, Dr. Garshick says. Studies also suggest that caffeine can boost circulation and inhibit DHT, a hormone that plays a role in hair loss.

The brand recommends apply a few drops of The Ordinary Hair Serum, massage the formula thoroughly into your scalp and leave it in the hair overnight – and for best results, use it every night.

Although some users have noticed changes after using The Ordinary Hair Growth Serum for a few months, results vary. “While changes in hair health can be seen within a few applications due to hair hydration, other changes can take several weeks to months to see a difference,” says Dr. Garshick. “It’s not unusual for hair and scalp changes to take up to three to six months, so it’s always best to be consistent and stick with it to see if it works.” In an opinion with nearly 500,000 views, YouTuber Doro Cubillo says she started seeing a difference after three months of using the formula and continues to see “thicker, fuller hair” after using it for five months. (Related: This Best-Selling Product Leaves Shoppers Reeling After It Made Their Hair ‘Instantly Thicker’)

“With all hair serums and topicals, it’s important to set expectations, but this lightweight formulation is easy to apply and is formulated with various ingredients that work together to improve hair health through different mechanisms,” says Dr. Garshick. So if you are looking for an affordable and easy way to get thicker hair, the Ordinary Multi-Peptide Hair Serum may be the answer to your prayers.

Melissa R. Brumfield