Olivia Rodrigo used Dove Hair Serum at the 2022 Grammys

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Olivia Rodrigo had a big night at the 2022 Grammy Awards. The singer and actress was not only nominated seven times, but she was also one of the big performers of the night. After winning his first award of the night, Rodrigo then performed “Driver’s License” before winning two more Grammys.

When the 19-year-old singer hit the red carpet, her sequined, optical illusion gown with matching choker by Vivienne Westwood first caught my eye. After admiring the figure-hugging dress and gloves, my gaze shifted upwards: her incredibly shiny, cascading waves created using a $7 Drugstore Serumaccording to her clayton hawkins hairdresser.

Soft, silky hair has always been the penultimate goal of hair glamour, but especially now that at-home shine is a booming beauty category. Celebrities, however, have access to the most expensive hair treatments and the most sought-after stylists, so their secret beauty sauce often comes at an astronomical price. Rodrigo’s flagship product, at least for the night, was Dove’s (affordable) Hair Therapy Ceramide Brilliant Gloss & Repair Serum.

According to Dove, the ceramide-filled serum has two main uses. The first is to apply to wet or damp hair as a leave-in repair product that conditions the hair as you style it. The second is to apply it to dry hair to amplify smooth locks and shiny locks while nourishing them. Hawkins reportedly used the latter method, using generous amounts of Shining and repairing serum from the middle of her locks to the tips.

While the shine serum was, in my opinion, Rodrigo’s hair piece de resistance, the other products Hawkins used were just as affordable. The famous stylist also used a $14 Tangle Teezer Hair Brush plus a handful of other Dove products, including Miracle Mist 7 in 1, a multitasking product that handles everything from frizz to heat protection. To get the most out of the Dove Hair Therapy line, you can grab this shampoo, conditioner and serum set on Amazon (it’s now 20% off with a coupon on the spot). You might not be a teenager with a multi-award winning music career, but you can still achieve this glamorous hair type with a few truly affordable Dove products.

Melissa R. Brumfield