Olaplex No. 3 Hair Treatment is 50% Off Now

Olaplex is the brand to know if you are looking for high performance products at home Hair treatments. It’s backed by science – specifically a patented link builder that works by attaching to broken links in your hair.

It is this technology that makes hair stronger, healthier and more resilient as the product works by infusing strands and repairing split ends.

If you’re wondering where to start, the brand’s best-selling product, Hair Perfector #3, has been praised by our editors for its ability to transform dry, brittle locks into “softer, healthier” locks. , with “less breakage and shower fallout”.

With such rave reviews, if your hair needs a little TLC, this home treatment is definitely worth a try. The thing about Olaplex is that its products aren’t cheap, so when we see them discounted, of course we’re going to scream.

Perfector #3 is half price right now. So if you want to treat your dull locks to IndyBest’s favorite at-home treatment, read on for all there is to know.

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Olaplex Hair Perfector #3: Was £28, now £13.81, Amazon.co.uk


When we tried Olaplex’s range, of course, Hair Perfector #3 impressed our tester. “It was designed to be used once a week, but can be used twice if your hair is extremely damaged,” although they “found using it weekly did the trick.”

This weekly treatment repairs bonds from the inside out, and it “worked wonders” on split ends and made our tester’s hair “visibly shinier.” They were so impressed that they even claimed that it “produced much better results than other home treatments” they had used in the past.

In another review, when our tester compared Olaplex to K18’s leave-in treatment, it was noted that #3 is a “modern-day cult classic hair care product” that’s “hard to live with, let alone tear down”. The locks started to “feel softer and look healthier the more we used them”.

At less than £15 for this holy grail product, now is the time to buy it.

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