Nutrafol launches the first and only hair serum using patent-pending plant exosome technology

NEW YORK, October 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today Nutrafol, the pioneer of the hair wellness category, has announced the launch of its latest innovation: Growth Activator, a hair serum based on plant-derived exosomes from Ashwagandha seeds. The revolutionary new hair serum is the first scalp care product that harnesses the science of plant exosome technology to stimulate scalp cell turnover for thicker hair.

Growth Activator is a lightweight, one-of-a-kind hair serum that unleashes the power of exosomes from within the Ashwagandha plant, traditionally a clinically effective and scientifically proven stress adaptogen. With the increase in stress-related hair loss over the past year and a half, in part due to COVID-19, Nutrafol saw an urgent need to create a topical solution that focuses on stress to promote thicker hair.

Nutrafol has developed a method to isolate exosomes from the seeds of the same Ashwagandha plant used in Nutrafol’s hair growth nutraceuticals. Seeds are the most potent source of plant exosomes that help stimulate cell turnover in the scalp. Plant exosomes provide biocompatible plant material that the scalp can easily absorb and are supplemented with clinically effective botanical extracts that nourish the scalp, help minimize breakage and activate thicker, stronger hair.

Designed for daily use, Growth Activator tackles the immediate signs of hair thinning on the surface of the scalp, such as hairline changes, excessive shedding and large parts. Formulated with a proprietary blend of safe, drug-free, hormone-free and body-compatible phytoactive ingredients, Nutrafol’s plant exosome technology nourishes the scalp and complements the company’s line of hair growth nutraceuticals. attacks the root causes of thinning hair from within.

“Plant exosome technology challenges the status quo of our industry with its ability to harness this very powerful aspect of a plant that has always existed, but has never been extracted before,” said Roland Peralta, Co-founder, Chief Innovation and Product Officer of Nutrafol. “With our new approach to natural and topical formulations, we are setting new standards for hair products and breaking the boundaries of existing products on the market.”

The company’s use of plant exosome technology marks an important milestone for Nutrafol, demonstrating the brand’s continued commitment to advancing innovation in hair science. Nutrafol’s new growth activator is just another example of the company’s obsession and rigorous commitment to bringing the most effective and natural solutions on the market to solve real hair problems for everyone. ages and at all stages of life.

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About Nutrafol
Nutrafol is the dermatologist-recommended* hair growth supplement brand that pioneered the hair wellness category with its integrative approach to hair health, using a first-of-its-kind patented formulation of medical grade, natural and clinically effective ingredients to support whole body wellness from the inside out. In multiple clinical studies, Nutrafol has been shown to improve hair growth in both men and women by targeting several root causes of hair thinning, including stress, hormones, environment, and nutrition. Nutrafol’s team of physicians and researchers continues to pursue cutting-edge scientific advances in genetics, biotechnology, and anti-aging medicine to stay at the forefront of hair health innovation. Nutrafol has been trusted by over 3,000 physicians, clinics, and stylists across the United States for its reliable, dependable results, and has received numerous prestigious accolades.

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