NUELE hair serum is an excellent moisturizing solution for thick and dry hair

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NUELE Hair Serum

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If your hair is anything like mine, it absorbs humidity like crazy and has the nerve to be bone dry after treating it with the whole cabinet. My hair is thick and tangles easily. When I received an email about Nuele Hair Serum I knew I had to try.

The little brown box containing the serum arrived at my door a few days later. The serum was white and had hints of pink and teal floral watercolor decor along the corners that reminded me of cherry blossoms in Japan. I’m super big on presentation, so this probably means a lot more to me than any of you. For me, a first impression is everything and I thought that was just lovely.

According to the description”NUELE Hair Serum makes hair management easier by combining deep hydration and heat protection.

This woman-owned brand was kind enough to include all of its ingredients and contents on the back of the bottle, which includes jojoba and argan oil and rosemary extract. The instructions listed say “for frizzy hair: 4-10 drops”, but “add more if your hair is long or very dry”. My hair is medium length, but honey, it’s dry, so I’m going to add a few more drops to my hair. My typical morning routine is to spray my hair with rice water, moisturizing with hair mayonnaise, then working into my scalp with Blue Magic and carrot oil. However, in order to see the full effects of this product, NUELE Hair Serum will be the only thing I use throughout the day.

When I dabbed it on my hand, a very small droplet came out. I’ve done this a dozen times and had microscope sized droplets of oil on my hand that smelled of peppermint and jojoba oil. I rubbed my hands together and immediately started working from the ends of my hair to the roots and was pleasantly surprised that such a small portion was able to cover all of my hair.

As I was getting ready for bed, I thought about doing a twist, but when I felt my scalp still had oil in it, I decided to take the risk of sleeping in my afro with a hat on it. Let’s see how it works.

The next day, I immediately put my hand under my beanie and patted my hair. Although it’s not as greasy as the next day, I can see that there is still some shine left in my hair from the previous one. I was impressed to say the least, mostly because my hair absorbs moisture like a sponge but doesn’t retain any of it. From the scent to the all-natural ingredients, I’d love to say this woman-owned brand got it right.


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