New Launch: OLAPLEX No 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

Link building brand Olaplex launches its No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum, a leave-in styling serum that protects hair from pollution for 48 hours.

No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum contains an antioxidant red seaweed extract from the south of France and a film-forming polymer to neutralize free radicals. The formulation also includes the brand’s patented bonding technology.

The vegan, color-safe formulation is free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, gluten, and silicone.

For this launch, the brand introduced packaging that includes an airless pump for measured dosing and less product waste.

Product advantages

  • Improves manageability, smoothes and protects all hair types for immediate results
  • Nourishes and repairs existing damage, while protecting hair from future damage
  • Acts as a shield against pollution, protects hair from breakage
  • Protects against heat styling up to 450° Fahrenheit

Olaples No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum (3.0 fl. oz/90 ml) retails for $28.00 and was launched exclusively for salon professionals only on the Olaplex Pro app and on From today, March 28, it is also available from all professional distributors.

New launches spurred brand growth. In its fourth quarter 2021 financial results, Olaplex showed that net sales increased 78.7% from $93.1 million in 2020 to $166.5 million.

We reached out to Olaplex CEO JuE Wong to learn more about the new serum.

Exclusive Q&A with JuE Wong, CEO of Olaplex

What prompted Olaplex to develop a leave-in product with pollution defense credentials?

Hair is particularly vulnerable to pollution because it is a dead fiber and when pollutants attach to the hair fiber, they inhibit full repair. Pollution damages our hair every day, leaving it dull, lifeless, unmanageable and ultimately breaking the bonds.

What led to this particular blend of ingredient technologies?

Our Chief Scientist, Lavinia Popescu, and her team of scientists and chemists have researched and identified antioxidant-rich neutralizers to ensure they address free radical damage to hair. Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum contains moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and panthenol that are commonly found in skin care.

It also includes an exclusive extract of red seaweed from the south of France which is an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals and UVA and UVB coupled with a flexible polymer which creates a shield to protect the hair against pollutants and styling with the heat up to 450° Fahrenheit.

These two active ingredients work in conjunction with Olaplex’s proprietary bond building technology to nourish, repair existing damage while protecting hair from future damage. This scientifically proven leave-in styling serum protects hair from pollution for 48 hours.

Can you discuss the importance of airless pump packaging size?

Having an airless pump ensures complete product evacuation and minimizes waste. The translucent packaging also helps consumers know when to replenish their Olaplex No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum.

What are the benefits of the serum for the professional hair community?

Olaplex No. 9 Bond Nourishing Hair Serum empowers the professional community to elevate and showcase their artistry. This allows them, in conjunction with our patented bonding technology, to provide their customers with the healthiest hair possible. Hair is at its best when hair is healthier. This is when the stylist’s artistic talent really comes into its own.

Melissa R. Brumfield