Makeover: Three easy steps to get rid of that frizzy hair

Nadia Albano offers tips on how to get rid of that frizzy hair while maintaining your color

Content of the article

Looking for a quick way to straighten frizzy hair and protect your color from fading? While there is no single magic trick or product, I have a few product recommendations that could turn your frizzy halo into a beautiful crown of glory.

Step 1

While our client needed to do a color touch-up, we applied the Oribe – Great Color Mask to her hair for intense skin-enriching conditioning and UV protection. It is an essential product for keeping hair in its best condition, both in preparation for ongoing color treatments and to prevent color fading if traveling to sunny destinations.

2nd step

Before blow-drying, we applied Oribe – Crème for Style, which provides long-lasting shine and offers firm yet flexible hold all day and tames frizz with rich moisturizers. The best part about this product is that it doubles as a beautifully curled cream for those days when you want to show off your natural texture.

Step 3

To seal the deal, I recommend using Oribe – Split End Seal as a silky-smooth serum and split-end repairer. Clinically proven to restore, strengthen and preserve every shade and texture of hair, while preventing breakage and providing heat protection.

The finished look

Melissa R. Brumfield