La La Anthony on Her DIY-Inspired Hair Serum and the Self-Care Rhythms of Single Life

Now, it’s a familiar story: from secondary pursuits at the start of the pandemic that have turned into a real obsession. For La La Anthony, what kept her in the kitchen was not a sourdough starter but a continually renewed batch of fermented rice water. “I’m a mad researcher,” the actor and TV personality explains on a Zoom call from New York, describing the rabbit hole of YouTube videos with do-it-yourself hair care recipes. Stories about Yao women, who live in Huang Lo, a village in China’s Guangxi region, caught his attention. “All the women in this village had their hair down to the floor, literally looking like a real Rapunzel,” says Anthony, still amazed. “What was their secret?” It was all ‘rice water, rice water, rice water’, often infused with local plants according to the recipe passed down from each household. The key, says the 39-year-old, is lightly fermenting the rice water, which releases vitamins and amino acids better. “I was just saying the average person doesn’t have time to do that.” (Friends also didn’t like Kim Kardashian West, who asked for the details.) “So how can I remove these steps, but still make it as strong and powerful?”

Anthony’s solution is now in hand with Power Potion, the first product from his new beauty brand, Inala. Connoisseurs will recognize it as his first name spelled backwards. “But it also means a place of peace,” she explains. “I just feel, especially to women, that when you have a good hair day, you’re at peace. You feel good about yourself. You’re like, ‘I can conquer this day.’

Inala Power Potion Hair and Scalp Serum

The lightweight hair serum contains a trio of ingredients – fermented rice water, biotin and the amino acid arginine – that Anthony credits with restoring fullness around his temples, a site of tension breakdown for people, like her, who wear tight ponytails and protective hairstyles. . (These are her own before-and-after photos on the website.) The fact that she’s bottling a DIY remedy is linked to her roots in Brooklyn, where her mother and grandmother touted homemade hair masks made from herbs. avocado and olive oil. He also connects to his character, Dom, on Lena Waithefrom the Showtime series The Chi— a role that earned Anthony an NAACP Image Awards nomination earlier this month. Dom, a chef who first cooks at home before graduating from a bonafide restaurant, is an entrepreneur. “That’s what I identify with. I have always been independent. I always tried to figure out what idea was going to take me to a place where I feel like I can take care of myself, my family and my son, most importantly,” she says, referring to a youngster from 14 years old. Kiyan (a basketball player like her ex-husband, carmelo anthony).

Anthony, as Dom, on The Chi.

By Elizabeth Sisson/SHOWTIME.

For La La, settling into single life ushered in a new wave of self-care: “Now that I’m flying here solo, that’s another thing.” She takes the time to rub her temples morning and night with Power Potion, but also “make sure I put on lip gloss before I leave the house,” she adds with a laugh. (His Instagram The portraits reflect that head-to-toe polish.) The rest of her routine goes deep into KKW Beauty (“I’m not saying that because Kim’s my best friend”) and Fenty (the swill toner is a favorite). She’ll bring that glowing skin to Atlanta next month to film Starz’s second season BMF (short for Black Mafia Families), which 50 cents is an executive producer. It’s only a matter of time before there’s another addition to the Inala range, but Anthony is happy to get on with it. . Alright, what’s next? “

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