Kate Moss used this hairspray for the platinum jubilee

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Although there were lots of festivities and shows, there was one moment that was pivotal for me: the 90s bus, which was filled with cultural royalty and defining faces of the decade – Naomi Campbell, Erin O’Connor, Kate Moss and even her hairstylist, Sam McKnight, who was also entrusted by Princess Diana with the task of giving her that iconic head-turning cropped haircut. For this celebration, Moss wore a Union Jack blazer with her hair in loose, tousled waves that were accented with a flower piece. McKnight said British vogue that the defining product he used on the model’s hair was his own Easy Up-Do texture spray.

Regarding Moss’ Jubilee hairstyle, he said: “I always start by drying Kate’s hair upside down – it gives the perfect amount of volume.” Then he put her hair in a bun while she did her makeup to give it more shine. Then, he pulled her hair out, tousled it, and sprayed Easy Up-Do Spray at her roots for a final boost of volume and texture.

If you struggle with flat, limp, lifeless hair, this will supposedly put the punch back into your locks, replacing the time spent styling your hair with bobby pins, barrettes, braids, and more.

Finally, McKnight worked with posh fragrance brand Perfumer H to add the final scent touches — frankincense, juniper wood and water lily, which her website says is the scent of her garden in the rain.

Being the stylist behind Kate Moss’s perfectly undone middle part and long locks is enough of a sign of approval — but being Princess Diana’s go-to stylist doesn’t hurt McKnight’s case either. Head to Net-A-Porter and Violet Gray to try a bottle for yourself.

Melissa R. Brumfield