Hairspray is something that many of us use occasionally while some use it regularly. Hairsprays have tons of benefits, from keeping the curls curled up to holding the bun in place. Just as it has advantages, there are also disadvantages.

Here are some benefits of hair spray-
1. Instant styling – The best part is that you can try a hairstyle and quickly undo it and try again. It helps you experiment with your hairstyles.
2. All Day Wear – Just like your hairstyle can be adjusted; the hairspray helps you hold securely throughout the day.
3. Tame Your Frizz – Hairspray is extremely effective at taming frizzy hair.
4. Healthy Hair – Depending on your product, hairspray can also make your hair grow healthier.
5. Fuller Hair – Hairspray adds volume to your hair. It does not actually encourage hair growth, but gives your hair fuller volume.

Disadvantages of Hairspray-
1. Allergic to sensory organs – Some hair sprays can be allergic and cause eye, nose, throat and skin irritation.
2. Difficulty breathing – Frequent use of hair spray can cause difficulty in breathing. The compound known as propylene glycol, when inhaled, can cause various health issues.
3. Dryness and Brittleness – If you don’t wash out the hairspray properly, your hair can become dry and brittle.
4. Hair Loss and Thinning – Regular use of hair spray can lead to severe hair loss and also thinning of your hair.
5. Skin Damage – Be sure to hold bottle at least 12 inches from hair. Don’t spray your hair too much until it’s a long chance.

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