I use Poundland lube as a hair serum, it’s better than the designer versions

TAKING CARE of your curls can be expensive – unless you’re Andrea Rose and you’ve found a cheap substitute for high-end hair serums.

The Middlesbrough mum has shared her secret ingredient – and it’s Poundland’s Fun Time lube.


A happy customer shared the tip with AndreaCredit: Evening Gazette

“I was at work and this lovely lady came in for a bit of shopping and bought three bottles of lube for £3,” the 48-year-old salesman said. TeesideLive.

According to her, she was scanning the items when the customer asked her if she knew why she was buying them.

“I didn’t really know what to say so I just said ‘Oh no, why?’ and she basically said someone told her it was as good as using ‘Frizz Ease’, which costs around £8 a bottle when offered.


“I couldn’t believe it when she said it was really good, and with my really curly hair I thought you know what, for a pound what have I got to lose? “

Although she had no expectations or much hope, Andrea bought a bottle of the secret potion anyway.

“I told everyone at work and they all laughed at me because I bought the one with a tingling feeling, but they were all dying to know how I was going to do it; so I was happy to say it worked.

“Honestly, it’s like I used an expensive serum on my hair, so I don’t know if it has similar ingredients, but it definitely worked,” she claimed.

“Everyone was convinced it would be sticky but it’s not.

”My hair is soft and frizz-free so I’ll be using it again – for £1 it’s a bargain if you ask me.”

The mum said she was always on the lookout for tips and tricks and “this one is among the best”.

If you want to try, Fun Time lube can be purchased for a nominal fee at various book stores.

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This inexpensive lube has become a staple in Andrea's hair care routine


This inexpensive lube has become a staple in Andrea’s hair care routineCredit: Evening Gazette
According to her, the product makes her hair silky in seconds


According to her, the product makes her hair silky in secondsCredit: Evening Gazette
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