How to regrow frizzy hair

Taming the beast that is frizzy hair is no small feat, as anyone who suffers from it every time they step outside knows. Sure, you could spend the best part of an hour getting your hairstyle to look its best, but within hours you’re left with stray hairs.

So what is causing this frizz? This happens when your scalp’s cuticle layers are lifted, allowing moisture to enter. As a result, the hair becomes the opposite of smooth and instead the strands are stiff and wrinkled. That is why when it is raining or you are in a humid country, the hair on your head will not stay loose even with the help of pomade.

With that in mind, we spoke to Alex Johnston, Managing Director of John Bell & Croyden, Her Majesty The Queen’s Pharmacist, to find out what can be done. Attached are Johnston’s top tips…


“When it comes to fighting frizz, it all starts in the shower. Shampoo and conditioner (conditioner is a must) are the starting points for smooth hair. Proper scalp maintenance is very important for the overall health of your hair. Healthy follicles mean stronger, thicker hair, so choose a shampoo and conditioner that has scalp-care properties.

“For frizzy hair, especially fine, frizzy hair, I would recommend a thickening or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, like Sachajuan’s.”

Thickening conditioner by Sachajuan, £25. At John Bell & Croyden.

Thickening shampoo by Sachajuan, £25. At John Bell & Croyden.

Care after shower

“Moisturizing your hair is essential to eliminating frizz and there is nothing better than argan oil to achieve this. I use Balmain’s Argan Moisturizing Elixir, but like my hair is fine, I use it at night because it would weigh down dry hair, but if your hair is thick and frizzy, this is the perfect product to tame and define your hair once dry.

Melissa R. Brumfield