How to Apply Hair Serum Like a Professional Stylist

When it comes to your hair care routine, you probably have the basics: a shampoo and conditioner your hair loves, a leave-in mask or conditioner that replenishes your hair, an oil to nourish your hair, and a heat protectant to minimize the damage. and break. It’s a solid routine, but if you’re looking to give your locks some extra love, learning how to apply hair serum can improve your overall hair health.

It may seem like a product just for your scalp, but many hair serums are actually multipurpose. Used on the scalp, roots and lengths for added wellness, there are many different formulas on the market that help make your hair shinier and easier to work with.

“Hair serums are usually silicone-based and a bit thicker than oils,” the celebrity hairstylist says. Felicia Leatherwood explains to Bustle. “They help weigh hair down, add shine and control frizz.” They also protect the outermost layer of your hair strands and she notes that some are formulated to “help fertilize the scalp and promote hair growth.” Shine, frizz control, protection and growth? Yes please.

If you’ve never used a hair serum before, Bustle spoke to Leatherwood and Lacy Red, Unilever Global Stylist & Celebrity Hair Artist, for all the information you will need. Read on for a quick and easy four-step guide to how to apply hair serum like a pro.

First step: test your hair serum


With any new beauty product, it’s important to test it out before fully committing. Redway suggests testing your hair serum “on the under layers of your hair before adding any to the top layers.” She adds that this will ensure that your locks can handle the product and aren’t weighed down too much by it, which will keep your hairstyle from looking flat or greasy.

Second step: rub the product on your palms

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Although it may be tempting to apply the product directly to your roots or ends, resist the urge and rub the serum into your palms before applying. This will help you better control and distribute the product. “When using a hair serum for the first time, I always suggest rubbing it into the palms of your hands before putting it on your hair,” says Redway.

If you wear a protective hairstyle, feel free to add some directly to your scalp. Then you can carefully and gently massage it into your scalp and roots with your fingertips.

Step Three: Apply your hair serum in small sections


When applying your hair serum, “gather small sections of your curls while applying for the best result,” says Leatherwood. She notes that working in small sections is especially important if you have curly hair, as this will help ensure that the product reaches your scalp and roots.

Step Four: Use the “Praying Hands Method”

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Leatherwood recommends using the praying hands method once you’re ready to work the serum into your locks. “Apply the serum to the palms of your hands and using praying hands, bring the small sections together between the palms of your hands as if praying or clapping,” she explains. “Move your hands together along the strands of hair to evenly distribute the serum through the hair.”

Melissa R. Brumfield