Hair care basics: what is a hair serum?

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Hair has a lot of enemies when it comes to making sure it doesn’t frizz. Besides the ubiquitous heat and sunlight, there is also the humidity factor and the chemicals used for styling or treatment.

There are many solutions for the damage, such as washing the hair with coconut milk or applying a selection of fruit and vegetable seed oils mixed with aloe vera gel to the hair before washing. However, finding the ingredients and mixing them at home can take time and effort.

An easy fix is ​​hair serum, which is ready-to-use and infused with essential oils and nutrients that aim to smooth hair, making it easier to style.

There are many types of serums available in the market. Their main difference from regular gels, oils or conditioners is that hair serums are lightweight and not meant to weigh hair down, and contain active ingredients that target specific issues such as extremely dry hair, hair loss, etc. A few serums are also meant to make lifeless hair shiny or frizz-free.

Serums can be used and applied in different ways – before, during or after a bath. Whether it is to treat, condition or protect the hair, serums come in different forms with different benefits.

A new innovation in our daily hair care products are those that are already serum infused, such as the new range of serum infused conditioners from Dove.

Hair care basics: what is a hair serum?  2
Photo courtesy of Dove

The new Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioners are the brand’s next generation of super strength conditioners. They’re infused with the nourishing power of serum capsules for instantly recovered, stronger hair that can repair damage in just 1 minute, allowing users to experience the benefits without the extra steps and waiting time.

The conditioners are available in three variants: Intense Repair for damaged hair; Hairfall Rescue + for weak and fragile hair; and Nourishing Oil Care for dry, frizzy hair.

More information about Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioners is available on the Dove website and Facebook page, and can be purchased at Lazada.

For more information, you can visit Dove’s website, Facebook pageWhere Lazada.

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