Hailey Bieber’s IGK Texturizing Hairspray is 30% off for Black Friday

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A few months ago, Bieber posted a YouTube video that walks through his messy wave hairstyle routine for a date night. Before she starts waving a flat iron through her hair, she coats each section with IGK texture spray to give her locks more grip and make them thicker and fuller. Once she’s done using the flat iron, Bieber sprays her hair again with the product to “rough it up” and lock in the style.

One of the main ingredients in the salt-free spray is glycerin, which moisturizes your hair and prevents breakage. It also contains hydrolyzed wheat protein to strengthen your hair and make it shinier. Together, these ingredients will add volume and shape to your hair without drying it out.

Many Amazon shoppers are also big fans of IGK Beach Club Texturizing Hair Spray. “I love this spray after [use] the wave on my hair,” one wrote. “Holds the style well while keeping my hair pretty soft and not crunchy.”

“I love the smell of it and might have found a new favorite texture spray,” said a second reviewer. “I feel like I’m sitting on the beach with a cocktail in my hand. I love that a little goes a long way and it gives my fine hair the texture it needs for most style options I prefer.Highly recommend and will continue to purchase [it] again and again!”

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Melissa R. Brumfield