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Bombay (Maharashtra) [India]Aug 08 (ANI/PNN): Dr. Ashok Sinha, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Hair Expert, Hair Innovator and Founder of Adon Hair Care Clinic, claims to introduce the best hair loss treatment in India for the first time.

Adon Clinic, along with Dr. Ashok Sinha, launched Growdense Hair Serum on July 15, 2021. This product is FDA cleared and is the first of its kind in India. It not only treats hair loss issues without any side effects but also helps in hair regrowth.

Explaining the product’s exclusivity in his YouTube video, Dr. Ashok Sinha says, “For hair loss patients who do not wish to use Minoxidil Finasteride, America, Spain and Germany have other supplements. But till now, there has not been a single hair care product in India that can be used as an addition to Minoxidil Finasteride.

Giving an example of American product Revive Hair Max Serum, Dr. Ashok Sinha states that Revive Hair Max Serum contains 5% Resensyl and 14 molecules. While there is not a single hair care product in India with the same composition. And so, for the first time in India, Growdense Hair Serum was launched which not only contains 5% Resensyl but 16 other molecules.

Giving a detailed description of the composition and functioning of the 16 different molecules used in the Growdense Hair Serum, Dr. Ashok Sinha explains, “This product launched in India on July 15, 2021 has been thoroughly tested and tested. It has little to no side effects and works best for both men and women. Adding more details on the molecules used, he explains: “With 5% Redensyl, 3% Procapil, 2% Anagain, Acetyl Tetrapeptide 3, LCLT, Caffeine, L-Arginine, Melatonin, Cu-Tripeptide, Saw Palmetto, Procyanidin, Green Apple extract, grape seed extract, nettle root extract, soy isoflavones, horse chest root extract and vitamin E are used.

Along with the mentioned composition, to combat seborrheic dermatitis, Rosebay extract and Transcutol extract are also used. Breaking down further how the molecules used in Growdense work, Dr. Ashok Sinha explained, among the 17 molecules used in total

5 molecules are DHT blockers

2 molecules to increase blood circulation (VasoDilator)

2 molecules to increase hair matrix cells

3 molecules for anchoring the hair follicle

4 molecules are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial

2 molecules to keep the scalp healthy and anti-seborrheic

2 molecules to keep the hair protein Keratin strong

2 molecules as anti-apoptotic

1 molecule to maintain the natural life of anagen cells

Regardless of the composition and possible methods that can be used to control hair loss, they are used in the Growdense hair serum. He also adds that Growdense Hair serum is the best product in India for the treatment of hair loss.

After testing it on 17 different hair loss patients for 3 months, it was concluded that Growdense Hair Serum can be the best treatment if you are young and suffering from hair loss problems.

You can easily order Growdense Hair Serum from at a minimum introductory price of INR 925/- only.

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