Frizzy Hair Solutions | Here’s how to tame your frizzy hair in 5 easy ways

Remedies to Fix Frizz and Baby Hair Photo Credit: Pexels


  • Frizzy hair can be the result of frequent use of styling equipment
  • Baby hair is fine strands that grow around the hairline
  • You can combat baby hairs and dizziness by giving your scalp a good oil massage twice a week.

Your hair defines your mood throughout the day and no one will disagree with that. No matter how much you look forward to an event, all your excitement is likely to fade if your hair refuses to tame itself. You can spend two to three hours straight learning a new hairstyle from a YouTube tutorial, but if your hair isn’t in the mood to settle down, all your efforts will be wasted.

Now, we can go on and on and complain about our frizzy or outdated hair every time we head into a big deal, but that’s not what we’re aiming to do here. Our idea is to help you discipline your hair especially when it is super frizzy. Another category of hair that annoys the intestines are baby braids that have recently grown out. We guess they call it “baby hair” because it is extremely notorious and requires special attention, just like newborn babies.

Tackling baby hair and frizzy hair may require the same remedies, but before we take you through our solutions section, it’s best that you understand why frizz even happens in the first place.

Causes of frizzy hair

  1. Humidity
  2. Frequent use of styling equipment
  3. Damaged Hair/Split Ends


Remember Monica from the Bahamas? Well, that’s most of us when the weather is wet. Your hair may even look frizzy after you return from a good swim. Excess water in the air is what triggers our hair and makes it dry and rough.

Frequent use of styling equipment

Even though we all like to sport different hairstyles using curlers and straighteners, what most of the time we forget is that styling equipment has an impact on the humidity of our locks. When moisture is lost, our hair becomes dry and begins to look frizzy. Frequent use of a straightener or curler can also lead to loss of shine and bouncy hair.

Damaged Hair/Split Ends

You must have noticed that after a long day in a dusty place, your hair becomes oily and greasy. If you don’t wash your hair after coming home, the dust will settle and damage your hair. Another reason for damaged hair could be the use of chemical shampoos and other products.

How to deal with baby hair and frizzy hair

  1. oil massage
  2. Keep styling equipment on low heat
  3. Serum and Conditioning
  4. Use a paraben-free shampoo
  5. Protect from moisture

oil massage

One solution that dominates our charts has to be to oil and massage her scalp with coconut oil or olive oil. The hot oil stimulates hair growth which tackles newborn hair and also adds moisture which beats dryness.

Keep styling equipment on low heat

Keep your styling equipment on low to medium heat. We understand that for some people the use of hair straighteners and curlers is a must, but they can seriously damage your hair if used frequently. Avoid using them completely and embrace your natural hair texture, but in case you can’t, keep them on low. Also, use a heat-protecting serum before using a straightener.

Serum and Conditioning

Speaking of serums, be sure to apply a serum after washing your hair. Serums help reduce frizz and also make your hair shiny. As for shampoo, be sure to clean your hair only twice a week and let your strands breathe. Conditioning both times is, however, a must. Conditioners help bring back lost moisture.

Use a paraben-free shampoo

Finally, avoid using chemically produced shampoos. Instead, buy toxin-free hair care products. Ingredients like parabens, sulfates are a big no because they can be harmful to your hair. Paraben-free shampoos also promote hair growth, which can solve your baby’s hair problems. The faster these little ones grow, the better.

Protect from moisture

You may not be able to avoid going out on a humid day, but you can surely protect your hair from frizz. Whenever you know the day outside is wet, wear a baseball cap or cover your hair with a scarf.

Before embarking on any of these remedies, convince yourself of the importance of the hair care routine. If you keep neglecting your locks and expecting them to magically mend, then you are wrong. Be sure to pay special attention to your hair, to restore its shine and bounce and not lose the annoying frizz.

Melissa R. Brumfield