European Wax Center, Inc. expands line of Best In Class Ingrown Hair Serums

In addition to the original ingrown hair serum, the range now includes two additional clinically proven formulas – a brightening formula that takes advantage of vitamin C and azelaic acid to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tones and a soothing formula that has been infused with 100mg of THC. – CBD-free to calm and soothe the skin while treating and preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs. The award-winning original ingrown hair serum has been clinically shown to treat and prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, bumps and breakouts, making it a top seller within the brand’s portfolio.

“We are delighted to once again receive feedback from our customers and welcome product innovation to the fore. European Wax Center works hard to constantly add new solutions to improve our customers’ hair removal experience and s ‘build on the effectiveness of our proprietary products,’ said Chris Kobus, Chief Experience Officer of the European Wax Center. “This expansion not only addresses an incredible demand for CBD within our product portfolio, but also our customers’ top concern for discoloration and hyperpigmentation.”

EWC TREAT™ ingrown hair serum is a fan favorite with 93% agreement that the product treated and prevented the appearance of ingrown hairs, bumps and rashes when used 2x/day for four weeks. The formula has recently garnered awards and recognition, including as the 2021 Knot Beauty Awards winner and one of InStyle’s 2021 Beauty Editor’s Picks. This innovation provides an improved option for the guest based on feedback from EWC beauticians of their guests. EWC has taken its best-selling, award-winning formula and boosted it with the added benefits of soothing and brightening skin while treating and preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs, bumps and rashes.

Ingrown Hair Calming Serum is fortified with 100mg of domestically sourced cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. EWC has sourced CBD that has been lab-tested for potency, contains no THC, is non-psychoactive, and is a natural substance. Vitamin C and Azelaic Acid added to the Ingrown Hair Brightening Serum formula help improve the appearance of dull spots in 4 weeks. The effectiveness of the brightening formula is further supported by the phenomenal clinical results below:

  • 94% agreed the product helped reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • 94% agreed the product helped even skin tone
  • 94% agreed the product helped reduce skin discoloration caused by ingrown hairs
  • 97% agree the product makes skin look brighter
  • 100% agree the product treats ingrown hairs, bumps and rashes

*Based on questionnaire response from 32 participants after using the product twice daily for 4 weeks of product use.

About European Wax Center, Inc.

European Wax Center, Inc. is the fastest growing franchisor and operator of out-of-home (OOH) waxing services in United States, with a network of over 800 centers nationwide. European Wax Center, Inc. offers customers a first-class professional waxing experience by the most highly trained estheticians in the industry, in the privacy of clean, individual waxing rooms. European Wax Center, Inc. continues to revolutionize the waxing category with its innovative and exclusive Comfort Wax™. This proprietary blend is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to leave skin soft and make waxing a more enjoyable and virtually painless experience. Offering a 360-degree customer experience, they provide solutions to top consumer skincare concerns related to hair removal with a comprehensive collection of exclusive products in the skincare, body and brow care categories. . For more information, including how to receive your first free wax, please visit:

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Melissa R. Brumfield