Dull and frizzy hair in the monsoon? Tips to get your hair shiny

Image source: FREEPIK Tips to avoid dull and frizzy monsoon hair

Dull and frizzy hair in monsoon: The monsoon season offers glorious weather with fresh air, lush vegetation and finally a break from the scorching summers. On the other hand, it is undoubtedly one of the worst weather conditions for hair health. Some people experience abnormally high hair loss during the monsoon season. In addition, dandruff problems are caused by increased sweating and high humidity. Frizzy hair, limp hair, heavy and lifeless hair are also very common.

Adopt hair care products that will help your hair stay healthy so it can resist damage from monsoons and other weather changes. Healthy hair is the most attractive thing there is. A change in ideal hair care products may be necessary as monsoons affect hair differently than summers or winters. Most people in this position don’t know what to do and what to avoid, but luckily we have some simple solutions that will help you get your hair under control.

1. Get a haircut – The monsoon is an excellent time to get a haircut as it tames split ends and gets rid of dry ends.

2. Hot Oil Massage – Regular hydration of the hair is important, but the rainy season requires extra care. The best approach to nourishing your hair is to use oil treatments. At least twice a week, one should provide deep oil massage. Choose a natural and organic hair oil with ingredients like argan oil, bringraj oil, and amla shikakai depending on your hair texture and moisture needs. Keep the hair oil on for two hours or overnight. Post well. Rinse it well to maintain healthy, frizz-free hair.

3. Avoid getting wet in the rain – Exposure to rainwater damages hair because it contains pollutants and toxins that are in the air. Avoid getting wet in the rain, but if you do, wash your hair as quickly as possible with a natural, organic shampoo that deeply cleanses it while nourishing it.

4. Don’t Skip Conditioning After Washing Hair – Your hair should be washed at least twice a week as a general rule. Choose a light, natural and organic shampoo and conditioner at this time of year, as your scalp may be more vulnerable to fungal infections. Avoid skipping conditioner at all costs, as it will lock in frizz and leave your hair silky smooth. If necessary, comb through your strands to evenly distribute the conditioner.

5. Protect your hair with hair serum – For extra protection against damage during this difficult time, finish your hair care routine with a quality hair serum. The hair serum improves the maintenance of the hair and forms a non-greasy shield to protect it from aggressions.

Additional Tips-

• Do not wash your hair in hot water. Instead, use ordinary running water. Cold water rinses are helpful for frizzy hair. In fact, using hot water can make frizz worse.

• After shampooing, cover your head with an old t-shirt and let it absorb moisture. Prevent chafing.

• Let hair dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer every time.

• Do not brush your hair. Dry the hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

(This article is attributed to Madhumeeta Dhar, Research Director, Plantas)

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