Drew Barrymore Says JVN Hair Serum ‘Saved’ Her Strands

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In an Instagram video posted From her bathroom over the weekend, Barrymore explained that her hair had recently been “fried” to the point where “it felt like it could break.” To repair that damage and “show some love” to her locks, Barrymore said she uses the JVN Instant Recovery Serum (Buy it, $28, jvnhair.com), adding that it “saves” her hair.

JVN Hair (founded by weird eyeBeauty guru, Jonathan Van Ness) formulated this serum to repair breakouts and protect against further damage by blending moisturizing squalane and niacinamide with loaded lemon protein – an ingredient rich in vitamin C which, according to the brand, “binds to hair to restore strength and shine” while protecting it from heat and chemical damage. In a study conducted by the brand on bleached hair samples, the serum protected hair structure up to 450 degrees and even reduced split ends by 40%. (BTW: Barrymore previously said her pores were “visibly gone” thanks to this $18 mask.)

To use it, Barrymore “takes a fair amount” and “work furiously through the ends” of her damp hair, starting in the middle, before heat styling. And the formula doesn’t just have the Barrymore seal of approval – hundreds of customers on the JVN Hair site also swear it delivers.

“This will save me from having to cut inches every year from heat damage,” wrote one shopper with fine, highlighted hair. Another user with curly hair noted that after blow-drying her hair was “a little smoother [with] almost no frizz, no static, super shiny and very soft!”. A third person, who uses “lots of heat” on her curls, wrote that the serum makes her locks “so healthy and soft” and never “heavy or weighed down.” (Pssst: these are the best heat protection sprays according to reviews.)

If, like Drew, you want to be “good for your hair” while having fun with the style, the $28 JVN Instant Recovery Serum could be just what you need for your upcoming summer.

Melissa R. Brumfield