Christophe Robin Regenerating Hair Serum

On a scale from one to Korean Fried Chicken, my hair is around an eight (somewhere near Popeyes Chicken Sandwich) right now. I use Olaplex and Briogeo, but after a few days between washes, the ends (which haven’t been in a salon for over a year) look like the forgotten charred bits found when cleaning a deep fryer.

I have tried leave-in conditioners. I tried soaking my hair in pure coconut oil which made it greasy. I tried other hair oils, which kind of worked for a few hours. Then I tried Christophe Robin’s hair serum. Slightly creamy, with the texture of non-dairy yogurt, it’s more like a moisturizer than an oil. Just two to three drops – it’s expensive – made the dry ends of my hair (type 1C/2A) so smooth and silky that I kept running my split ends over my face during Zoom calls to make sure that it was real. A few more drops down the length of my locks made my hair look like it had a highlighter on it. I used it on wet hair (the brand encourages this too), and after it air dried, instead of looking limp or flat, my hair felt bouncy and seemed to be hitting its hydration goals. daily. It looks so obvious and clearly better that it’s a no-brainer to use the serum every time I shower.

The secret is that it’s infused with expensive prickly pear oil, which is known to be high in omegas, hard to extract, and has twice the fatty acids and protein of Argan Oil. Christophe Robin, Catherine Deneuve’s longtime colorist, who knew her when she was a brunette, is the creator of the product, and is genuinely insulted by other brands that skimp on formulations. (“They say it’s a honey-based hair product, but you know, it’s really 0.0001% honey!” he once told me.) It’s also silicone-free , paraben, sulfate, phthalate and mineral oil free. Unfortunately, however, it’s not without a price. Yes, the bottle is small, but a little is enough.

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Melissa R. Brumfield