Best Conditioner | 14 tops for dry, fine and frizzy hair

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A good conditioner is crucial for the health of your hair. While the right shampoo serves to cleanse the scalp of oils and buildup (while ideally leaving your skin balanced and unstripped), a conditioner focuses on your lengths, delivering hydration and nourishment to strengthen, add shine and prevent split ends.

Find the best conditioner for your hair type and you’ll notice the difference right away. Dry ends will gain new life, dull color will appear illuminated, and bleach-treated strands can be pulled away from breaking point.

Here, look at it Bazaar verdict on the best conditioner for every hair type, from a lightweight nourisher for fine hair to the richest, most creamy conditioner for kinks and curls, and even a reliable treatment to banish copper blonde.

The best conditioner for every hair type

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Best conditioner for damaged hair

Nouonou conditioner for colored hair



Pillar of sustainability Davines uses natural ingredients sourced from independent Italian farmers to create its exceptional hair care.

Star of the line, this extra-thick conditioner uses jojoba oil, almond butter and antioxidant tomato extract to boost the elasticity of damaged strands. The results are so impressive that you’ll find a (recyclable) tub on the shelf of countless beauty editors.


Best conditioner for bleached hair

No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner



Olaplex’s home care range is every bit as good as its famous in-salon treatments. This conditioner goes beyond simple hydration: it penetrates each strand to fortify bonds weakened by coloring or thermal processes. Consider it the best damage limitation for overzealous bleaching.


Best conditioner for dry hair

Nutriplenish Deep Moisturizing Conditioner



Vegan-friendly and luxuriously rich, this is Aveda’s best conditioner for dry hair. The 96% natural formula is all about hydration, using pomegranate oil and mango butter to hydrate and soften each strand.

Equally impressive is the Light Moisture iteration, which contains half the amount of butters to keep finer hair happy and hydrated. Whichever you choose, the slightly spicy scent of ginger and cardamom will please you.


Best conditioner for colored hair

Moisturizing conditioner



Pureology recently reformulated its core line, further intensifying its sustainability efforts. The much-loved Hydrate Conditioner now comes in a bottle made from 95% post-consumer recycled material and contains vegan-friendly conditioning extracts to brighten and nourish color-treated hair. The mint aromatherapy blend is also divine.


Best conditioner for textured hair

Deep Conditioner



Loretta De Feo created Dizziak when she couldn’t find a luxurious conditioner rich enough for her own textured hair. The resulting formula is a triumph: it’s as thick as body butter and wrapped in a blend of natural oils and fortifying quinoa protein.


Best conditioner for fine hair

Conditioner for fine hair



Taking the guesswork out of hair care, Ouai’s core collection of shampoos and conditioners is now divided into options for fine, medium-weight and thick hair. This conditioner contains biotin and keratin to fortify strands, yet rinses out effortlessly and won’t weigh down roots.


Best Conditioner for Curly Hair

Curl conditioner



Virtue’s new curl line really raises the bar for carefully formulated products for curly hair. This conditioner is one of the thickest, butteriest textures we’ve come across, and melts into hair to hydrate and soften like no other. The peach scent is pleasant without being overpowering, and the brand’s signature keratin extracts mean the benefits are long-lasting too.

Use it on damp hair (not on drenched locks) for your softest, most hydrated curls.


Best conditioner for scalp health

The conditioner with TFC8

Augustinus Bader takes a scalp-focused approach to hair care, using its signature TFC8 complex to influence healthy hair growth from the roots.

Along with the scalp-balancing cocktail of vitamins and proteins, this creamy conditioner contains follicle-boosting Maca Root and Oat Kernel Oil for extra elasticity.

It may not be as rich as other conditioners, but the moisturizing powers are remarkable: the lengths are plump, shiny and full of life after just one use.


Best Purple Conditioner

Absolute Blonde Cicaflash Treatment



A purple conditioner is key to keeping blonde tones bright, but choose the wrong one (or leave it on too long) and you could end up with a purple hue.

The light lavender pigments in this creamy conditioner act as a cool counterpoint to the coppery warmth, leaving you with luminous, even color that looks salon fresh.


Best Lamellar Conditioner

Dream Lengths Wonder Water Hair Treatment

L’Oreal Elvive


One of the hottest product launches of the year so far, this innovative liquid hair treatment is definitely worth a shot. The lightweight water-based formula uses lamellar technology to deposit an ultra-thin layer of moisturizing and repairing actives on each strand, leaving you with amazingly smooth hair in just 8 seconds (yes really).


Best conditioner for all hair types

Moisturizing conditioner

Dr. Barbara Sturm


Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of many skincare personalities getting into hair care this season. A central product in the new range, this all-purpose conditioner uses a specially treated form of hyaluronic acid, which absorbs into the hair strands rather than washing them out, leaving the lengths hydrated yet weightless.

The fragrance-free formula will divide opinion, but if you’re happy to ditch the fragrance, it’s a solid choice.


Best conditioner for frizzy hair

Anti-Frizz Conditioner

living proof


Instead of relying on silicones (as many hair brands do), Living Proof uses lightweight alternatives in its anti-frizz conditioner, which forms an invisible veil over strands to lock in moisture ( and therefore frizz) at a distance. It’s lightweight yet deeply hydrating and comes with that irresistible “salon” scent.


Best conditioner for shine

Gold Lust Repair & Repair Conditioner



This one is clearly a forgiving choice, but the shine-enhancing powers don’t disappoint. It’s not so thick that thinner hair will feel weighed down and give a noticeable glow, especially on highlights. The light tropical lychee scent is also delicious.


Best conditioner for sensitive scalps

Botanicals Lavender Fine Hair Conditioner

L’Oreal Paris


Delicate hair and easily upset scalps demand special treatment, and this ultra-gentle conditioner is up to the task. With a shorter-than-usual ingredient list, it uses soybean and coconut oils to gently hydrate fragile hair without settling on the scalp or causing buildup.

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