Beauty Editors Love Ranavat’s Amla Oil Hair Serum

Fragrance in beauty products is a hot topic. I get it: people like their products to smell good as an added benefit, but the flip side is that scented or flavored products can include undisclosed phthalates. (Although California Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavoring Ingredients Right to Know Actwhich went into effect in January, is a step forward.) The great thing is that many products already skip synthetic fragrances and still smell phenomenal – like Ranavat Mighty Majesty Strengthening Hair Serum.

If you have not yet encountered the brand on Beauty Credo Where Sephorafirst generation Native American founder Michelle Ranavat created the line to celebrate and preserve Ayurvedic rituals used by Rajasthani royalty. Since launching in 2017, Ranavat’s skincare has won celebrity fans like Mindy Kaling and Gwyneth Paltrowand after trying her oft-sold out hair serum, I can absolutely see why.

By my current count, I have six other hair oils in rotation right now, including stars from Adwoa Beauty and Badger. It’s too much, but as soon as I opened the serum sent by Ranavat, I knew I would have to make room for one more. It smells intoxicating, like night in a jasmine grove. I could blast it for hours, and its magnificence comes with a surprise: only three ingredients are in the formula.


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Cold pressed organic sunflower oil, organic jasmine oil and amla extract are the only things in its black glass bottle, but its simplicity doesn’t sacrifice substance. Amla extract contains a high concentration of oleic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E, according to the brand, and sunflower oil reduces breakage, strengthens damaged hair and hydrates dry skin and hair. And as a dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MDpreviously said In the stylecold pressing preserves the main fatty acids in vegetable oils, such as omega-6, omega-9 and antioxidants.

As a beauty editor, most products I try get a mental list of pros and cons. Pro-wise, the serum leaves my curls bouncy, shiny and frizz-free, and I’m not the only one who noticed its powerful benefits – the serum had a waiting list of 3,500 before its recent restock. After using it as an overnight treatment, one reviewer said they noticed “significantly less” hair loss in the shower, and people with “brittle, mature hair” are also impressed with the “incredible volume” and streaks “thicker and shinier” it confers.

Even with its only downside – the $70 price tag, another buyer called it a “happy” purchase. “It’s the perfect weight, even for my thin, very sad hair,” wrote one final person of their experience. “I noticed my hair looked and felt fuller. And can we talk about the smell?! Pure heaven.”

Honestly, I wish that person’s email explained how great the serum smells. Most perfumes give me a headache, but this smells like a rich celebrity—better, even, considering some of their bathing habits. Get the Mighty Majesty Strengthening Hair Thickening Serum for $70 at the brand’s website and Sephora.

Melissa R. Brumfield