Amplifying Glaze Reviews – Kintsugi Hair Serum That Works?

Everyone wants to have amazing hair that they can show off and run their hands through without worrying about damage. Dryness is often just the start of new problems, but changing your conditioner isn’t necessarily the solution. Conditioner only soaks into hair for a short time, flushing down the drain at the end of a shower or bath. Using a topical product that stays in the hair – like Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze – can make a big difference.

What is Amplifying Frosting?

Amplifying Glaze by Kintsugi is a daily hair treatment which helps to style and nourish at the same time. This remedy is relatively lightweight and introduces better hydration to ensure hair is thick and shiny without overwhelming it with products.

Amplifying Glaze by Kintsugi offers an all day hydrating serum that is still incredibly lightweight. The remedy is rather soothing to overall hair texture, restoring the same shine that most users only experience when they are younger. Hair thickness improves exponentially, although the serum also provides users with protection from the sun’s UV rays, ensuring that further damage is not sustained. Ultimately, using the Amplifying Glaze remedy is said to work better over time, allowing hair to stay stronger and healthier.

Along with using Amplifying Glaze as a moisturizer, it also allows users to style their hair with softness and density. Although the hold is nearly weightless, it still provides a soft hold for style with a blend of copolymers. The texture will not have a sticky or heavy feel as the texture is designed to keep hair bouncy and healthy looking.

How does Amplifying Glaze work?

With three specific ingredients, this Amplifying Glaze is able to take hair to the next level – SymHair Force 1631, Procapil and Kerastore 2.0.

SymHair Force 1631

SymHair Force 1631 is naturally sourced as a microalgae extract, and studies have shown it to have a positive impact on hair loss. This patented ingredient supports the growth of new hair to help it look stronger and healthier, even if the user is not trying to increase growth.

This ingredient can also help consumers prevent their hair from thinning.


Procapil is formulated with natural plant compounds to help blood circulation in the scalp, which is essential for the growth of healthy new hair. With regular use, this ingredient can prevent hair fragility from getting worse by improving its structure, although it is often also used as an alternative to Minoxidil.

As the hair is treated with this remedy, it will be nourished from the roots.

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Kerastore 2.0

Kerastore 2.0 nourishes hair with conditioning agents not available in other remedies. It fortifies the health of each strand by infusing it with important proteins that they need to maintain their healthy structure. It keeps hair thick, and it’s simply a variation of the traditional keratin that other formulas offer today.

How to use Amplifier Frosting

Before apply Amplifying Glaze, users will need to wash their hair. The website doesn’t say whether they should use conditioner or avoid it altogether, but the extra moisture will likely greatly benefit the hair.

Users will only need a small amount of product to get the benefits, which is no more than a point as big as a penny in their palm. It can be applied directly to damp hair, starting from the middle of the shaft and working it through to the ends. The soothing remedy keeps the cuticles sealed, ensuring they retain hormones.

People with incredibly long hair will need to use more of this product to get the best performance. It will not need to be washed and users can style their hair the same way they usually do. It can even be blow-dried, although the designers recommend using a rounded brush for people who want a lot of volume with their end result.

Although many thickening formulas have restrictions on the type of hair they can handle, this formula is safe for people who have already colored their hair or treated it with chemicals.

Purchase of Amplifying Glaze

Due to the exclusivity and performance of this Kintsugi product, the company naturally only allows consumers to buy the formula directly on their website. The Amplifying Glaze Serum has incredible quality, so users will have to pay a bit more than their average hair remedy.

Packages available include:

  • A bottle for $68
  • Two bottles for $122 (includes 10% off)
  • Three bottles for $173 (includes 15% off)

Since the website offers free shipping on orders over $50, even a bottle of Amplifier Frosting is enough to qualify.

If the serum does not provide the volume expected by the user, the user has 90 days to request a refund for the order.

Frequently Asked Questions About Icing Amplification

Q: What does Amplifying Glaze do for hair?

A: The use of this serum is designed to help consumers improve the thickness of their hair. However, many ingredients are associated with preventing and healing blood loss.

Q: What type of hair is suitable for using Amplifying Glaze?

A: This formula can be used on most hair textures that have lost their voluminous quality. The formula is safe to apply to colored hair or chemically treated hair because it is so nourishing.

Q: What does Amplifying Glaze contain?

A: Key ingredients in Amplifying Glaze include SymHair Force 1631, Procapil and Kerastore 2.0. All of these ingredients are patented and all proven to have an impressive impact on thinning hair.

Q: How much Amplifying Glaze Serum is currently needed for each treatment?

A: Users will only need to distribute a small amount of serum to achieve the benefits on medium length hair. Longer hair will require more serum, but it’s important not to over-saturate it.

Q: How should users style their hair when using Amplifying Glaze?

A: They can style their hair however they want. Brushing with a round brush is recommended. However, users can also let their hair air dry. It is safe to use other products with the serum, but users should avoid overwhelming their hair with too many additional products.

Q: What if this formula does not provide the user with the nourishment their hair needs?

A: Every customer backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. The creators allow returns within this three-month window with no questions asked to provide users with a full refund.

For any questions or concerns, the customer service team can be contacted by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-935-4601.


Amplify Glaze Summary

Amplifying Glaze helps consumers retain the luminosity and volume their hair has lost. the the remedy is safe for almost all hair types, and it can be applied daily after washing to achieve the desired effects. Although the formula contains many ingredients that promote regrowth, the user will not need a prescription to benefit from it. Styling is easy, allowing users to blow-dry or air-dry without losing the effectiveness of the serum.

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