Affordable hair masks for dry and frizzy hair.

I then generously applied the mask. I skipped the beanie (seriously, they are so cute), and I waited 30 minutes for the intense conditioning treatment to work its magic. While I waited, I picked out an outfit and finished sending some emails.

Once the timer rang, I hopped in the shower to rinse the mask off my hair, (unfortunately) without Mariah’s bangers. I sprayed my hair with heat protectant and blow-dried it.

After. Picture: Provided.

After just one use, my hair felt silky smooth and looked so much healthier. It was the perfect product to get a quick fix before a ride. My friend also commented on how awesome it looked when I arrived for dinner. Not used to all these hair compliments, but who am I to push them away?

I love to socialize, so much so that I’m that person who tries to fit too much into a weekend and refuses to admit that maybe they’ve overstated their energy levels. So naturally, by the time Sunday night rolled around, not only did I feel exhausted, but my skin and hair looked as well.

So I decided to really play into the home salon week I had started by turning my apartment into the ultimate relaxation zone.

Let me set the scene: lit candles, poured glass of red wine, dinner on the stove, hair and face mask, and netball playing in the background.

This time around, I chose the Avocado Oil Nourishing Repair Mask, which really smelled like heaven. After my hair was wringed out over the weekend, this was just what it (and I) needed.

Melissa R. Brumfield