Adon Hair Care launches dense hair serum for the first time in India

Adon Hair Care clinic located in Mumbai has launched for the first time in India a unique hair loss treatment, Growdense Hair Serum which is ideal for both men and women. Dr. Ashok Sinha, Hair Transplant Surgeon, Hair Expert, Hair Innovator and Founder of Adon Hair Care explains the USPs of Growdense Hair Serum in one of his YouTube videos.

It is the first time in India that a hair care product is launched in India which has a composition of 17 molecules. There are other hair loss treatments available in the market, however, it is different from all others. The composition of Growdense Hair Care Serum includes 5% Redensyl, 3% Procapil, 2% Anagain, Acetyl Tetrapeptide 3, LCLT, Caffeine, L-Arginine, Melatonin, Cu-Tripeptide, Saw Palmetto, Procyanidin, Green Apple Extract, Seeds of grape nettle root extract, soy isoflavones, horse chest root extract and vitamin E.

The best USP of Growdense Hair Serum is that it has little to no side effects. Generally, minoxidil finasteride is considered the best medicine for hair loss. However, it does have some side effects and one of the main drawbacks of minoxidil finasteride is that it can have sexual side effects. And no one would want to take the risk of experiencing sexual side effects to treat hair loss. Another important USP of Growdense Hair Serum is that it also gives the best results for women. According to hair experts, it is becoming difficult to control hair loss in women. But Growdense hair serum is also effective for women.

Growdense hair serum is the most effective in controlling hair loss and helping hair regrowth by up to 10%. After applying the serum, you have no complaints like irritation, itching or dandruff. Moreover, it does not leave any greasy feeling on the hair and therefore you do not need to wash your hair every time after applying the serum.

Sharing the experience of using Grow dense Hair Serum, one of the patients said, “It is the first product in India that contains 5% Redensyl along with 17 other molecules that help reduce hair loss and maintain hair density. Although minoxidil gives good results, patients often complain that hair density is not maintained. In this case. Grow dense Hair Serum is the best solution. I’ve been using Grow dense for 1 week now and I’ve already started seeing results. If you want both results to stop hair loss and increase hair growth, it is recommended to use both Serum for Dense Hair and Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X.

For best results, use Grow Dense Hair Serum for at least 5-6 months. You can easily buy Growdense Hair Serum and Adonsidil Finstrong 2.5X at

Melissa R. Brumfield