A complete guide on how to deal with frizzy hair during the monsoon, tips and measures inside

The ongoing rainy season, rainwater and constant humidity can certainly wreak havoc on our hair. Not enough can be done during this time to protect your hair and scalp, while a good hair care routine is imperative, quality products are just as important.Read also – Hair care tips: Do you have frizzy hair? These Effective Home Remedies Can Leave Hair Smooth and Shiny – Watch

Anshita, The founder of Fix My Curls shares 4 common curly hair mistakes you could be making! Also Read – Monsoon Hair Care: Tips To Reduce Frizzy Hair During Monsoon

Brush out dry curls

Brushing out dry tangles = no more split ends + breakage ALSO READ – Summer Hair Care Tips: Avoid These Mistakes When Washing Your Hair

  • In place: Brush your curls during conditioning as it will make the detangling procedure smoother!

washing your hair too often

Curls are naturally drier than straight hair and washing them often strips your hair’s natural oils = dry hair

  • In place: Try co-washing using our moisturizing shampoo for gentle cleansing.

Towel dry your curls

Wrapping your wet hair in a turban from your towel can damage your hair or create frizz.

  • In place: Try using an old cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel.

Repair and Restore

Lack of moisture in the hair follicle creates additional dryness and tangles. Our Moisture Melt Deep Conditioner is magic in a tub! Formulated for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Perfect to use as a hair spa treatment once a week to replenish and revive your hair. It also melts tangles making it easier to detangle while adding strength to the hair follicle.

Protect your hair:

Gone are the days of lifting your hair and hoping for the best, reducing the effects of pollution, heat damage, dryness and frizz with Fix My Curls leave-in creme. For curly hairstyles with a boost of volume, scrunch in a mousse to define without weighing your curls down. This hair mousse helps avoid overloading your hair with sticky, stiff products that weigh your hair down by reducing its volume.

Don’t skip leave-in cream and gel

A gel forms a hard plaster around your curls that can make them crunchy or stiff, but this plaster is meant to be broken off once the gel is completely dry.

  • In place: Rub in the crunch for more volume and bounce, less frizz!

Melissa R. Brumfield