8 Best Hair Sprays – Strong and Flexible Hair Hold


If you associate hair sprays with memories of foul-smelling clouds that put shellac hair in place, you’re not alone. Since its invention in the 1940s, hairspray has been used to build up hairstyles like 50s bouffants and 60s beehives. It lost popularity in the 70s when relaxed hairstyles were all the rage, but came back strong in the ’80s when Madonna’s volume in bangs, mullets and curly ponytails again made strong-hold hairspray a necessity for women.

The hairspray on the market at the time made these hairstyles very glamorous stiff and unnatural, but hairsprays have come a long way since then. Once crunchy sprays are now available in fine mist formulas for the beach waves and loose styles of this decade with the same level of holding power to ensure your hair doesn’t fall flat (or frizz! ) seconds after styling.

Whether you’re looking for a spray with ultimate humidity resistance, something to keep ultra-fine hair in place, or want extra strong hold for a special occasion, these tester-approved hairsprays from the Good Housekeeping Institute will leave hair to the touch and perfectly styled for up to 24 hours. These are the best lacquers you can buy:

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Best overall hairspray

Miracle Super Hold Finishing Hair Spray Plus Keratin

For the ultimate touchable hold, try It’s a 10’s Super Hold Hairspray with Keratin. This lab test winner scored high marks for hold and texture for all hair types. “I like that at the end of the day, when I brush my hair, my hair is not difficult to stylesaid one tester. Likewise, others praised the hairspray for being so light it feels like you’re not wearing it at all.


Best value for money hair spray

Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray

Want the results of a luxury hairspray at nearly half the price? Try John Frieda’s Fizz Ease Hairspray. Testers reported a solid grip with a tactile feel. “I like it because it freezes my hair in place instantly“, said a tester.


Best hairspray for fine hair

F/X Dramatic Healing Style

Whether you want to maintain your voluminous hairstyle or tame flyaways without weighing down your super fine hair, L’Anza’s Healing Style Hairspray has the lightweight formula and spray application to keep your roots lifted and not shellacked at your head. After a quick spray, testers described their hair as “light and fluffy” and “super soft.”


Best Smelling Hair Spray

Style + Care Hairspray, Strength & Shine, Extra Hold

Some hairsprays have a distinct chemical smell that can linger in your hair for hours, but Dove Style + Care Hairspray has a pleasant scent of cleanliness and freshness. Testers loved the sweet scent as well as the flexible hold that left their hair feeling soft. The hair product smelled great, not like chemicals like some other products do,” said one tester. “I also loved how my hair was still touchable while still giving me the hold I needed.


Best hairspray for frizzy hair

Hold spray workable

Humid days can ruin even the best hairstyles, so to keep flyaways in place, try Phyto’s Workable Hold Spray. “The hairspray made my hair smooth and helped keep curl instead of frizzsaid one tester. Other testers even said that this spray held its style overnight and during exercise classes. Awesome!


Strongest Hold Hairspray

Instant Gel Hairspray

Some of us have unruly hair that needs a firmer hold. If your hair has a stubborn spirit, try Aussie’s Instant Freeze Hairspray. “No need to worry if your hair will hold,” said one tester. “Your hair stays in place, believe itSome said the spray made their hair a bit crunchy, but admitted it would be an extra strong spray perfect for styling your hair into a special occasion hairstyle or a classic ballerina bun.


Best Flexible Hold Hairspray

Freeze Fix Hairspray

Locking your hair in place doesn’t necessarily mean losing your hair’s natural movement. For a flexible hold that always allows your curls to bounce back, your waves to roll or your straight locks to tousle, try Matrix’s Biolage Styling Freeze Fix. Testers loved the fine mist application that held their hair all day.


Editor’s Favorite Hairspray

Compressed Micro Mist Level 2: Smooth

“I’ve avoided hairspray for most of my life because I feared the dreaded stickiness, but this product works more like a lightweight mist that keeps my hair soft,” says Pia Velasco, associate beauty editor of Good Housekeeping. . “I use it when I want to maintain life and rebound from a blowout, or if I ever want to tame flyaways without the heaviness of a gel.”

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Melissa R. Brumfield