7 Hair serum for gray hair: Grow your mane thicker, darker and healthier with THESE formulations

Gray hair, thinning hair, intense hair loss, here are some common hair problems that we have all experienced at some point in our lives or are facing now! The hair serum is a game-changer! These hair serums work in the best possible way to provide nutrition and energize your hair thus solving all its problems. Scroll below to find some specific hair serums that will help you grow healthy, strong hair.

Here are 7 hair serums for you:

Hair serum is a good solution to tame frizzy hair and since it is enriched with vitamins and other ingredients, the solution is absorbed at the scalp to promote hair growth. Here are some hair serums for hair growth and gray reduction.

1. SkynOptik Slay Gray Hair Defying Serum

This hair serum for gray hair will help restore your hair’s youthfulness naturally by working deep down at your roots. With biotin active ingredients, it can help prevent aging and also strengthen hair by improving the antioxidant defense system of hair graying.

Price: Rs 999

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2. Rawesense Hair Serum

This hair oil works to prevent premature graying of hair and also reduce hair loss. It shows positive results in 1-3 months and will definitely be your go-to hair serum for hair growth. Infused with natural herbs and oils, the Ayurvedic formula makes the oil suitable for all hair types.


Price: Rs 559

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3. Amazing Grays Serum for gray hair

Gray hair is nothing but a loss of melanin in the hair which is rejected against sun damage and air and water pollution causing dryness, breakage, yellowing gray hair and discoloration of colored hair. So whether you color it or not, gray hair needs that extra care that black hair products can’t and it’s the serum that can give you that punch!


Price: Rs 949

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4. The Fit Professional Hair Serum

This hair serum is the perfect all-in-one solution that improves hair growth, strengthens the hair shaft and reverses graying. Enriched with protein and vitamins, just two drops are enough to massage into your hair every night and watch the wonders it does for you.


Price: Rs 559

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5. Bodywise Hair Loss Control Serum

Formulated with all plant-derived ingredients, this hair serum stimulates the scalp and nourishes the hair with protein and antioxidants. For this reason, this hair loss serum proves to be one of the most effective hair loss solutions for women. It also helps minimize postpartum hair loss by replenishing postpartum hair loss vitamins.


Price: Rs 854

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6. Beardhood Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum

This hair serum is formulated with ingredients that provide proteins that work on the roots and naturally increase growth. The presence of ingredients like aloe vera and amla extract makes the multi-peptide hair serum completely vegan, natural and toxin-free.


Price: Rs 449

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7. Anthi: Anti Thinning Hair Serum

The anti-thinning formulation helps thicken, stimulate hair growth and increase hair density. The serum is formulated with powerful plant extracts, pure essential oils and eco-certified ingredients of natural origin, which help reduce the visible signs of thinning hair.


Price: Rs 849

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Try these hair serums and let us know your experience in the comments below. In addition, the hair serum takes its time to show its benefits. Consistent application can only earn you darker and stronger hair.

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