5 Successful Ways to Tackle Frizzy Hair Like a Pro and Give It Shine

Frizzy hair becomes a little too familiar to us during the rainy season thanks to the humidity. Some of us may not have time to indulge in frizz and wouldn’t want to tame it. If it’s not an accepted part of your day-to-day, yes, frizzy texture is definitely unnecessary and there’s no two ways to achieve it. Whether it’s your chemical treatments, styling tools, weather, damage, or dry texture, frizz knows how to stand out. Follow this hair care guide managing all the frizz is no fun.

1) Sleep well, but on a silk pillowcase: Using cotton fabrics may not give you the results you expect. At least not something your hair expects. Opt for a silk material which can protect your hair from further damage including dryness.

2) Oil: Spread a good amount of organic oil on your hair at least once a week. Especially on slightly damp hair. No hair can ever get enough moisture and this routine can help reduce frizz.

3) Heat Protectors Are All Lifesavers: Some of us just can’t go a day without a styling tool. This is exactly why your hair needs to cool down a bit and get its soothing care before being exposed to heat and this method also prevents damage. These work to settle frizz and keep your hair hydrated.

4) Serum sesh is a must: A serum is synonymous with love and care for your hair. Don’t skimp on it, instead let your coat experience its benefits by smoothing, conditioning and adding shine, calming flyaways and reducing frizz, a serum is what healthy hair dreams are made of.

5) Microfiber Hair Towel: Cotton towels are notorious for creating friction which adds to breakage and lots of frizz. This is why this switch is essential. Make microfiber towels your favorite.

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Melissa R. Brumfield